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Posted by: Charles P Myrick CPA Posted on: Aug 06 2019

Do Your Church Collections Go Down in the Summer?

Pastors that I talk with tell me that the summer months can be hard on their church collections. Historically speaking, church attendance declines in the summer months as families go on vacation or merely stay away to avoid the heat. For churches that rely on the Sunday collection plate for most of their income, this can be a hard time. 

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Posted by: Charles P Myrick CPA Posted on: Jun 25 2019

Five Ways to Boost Church Giving in the Summer

Through my work with churches I know that it's common for churches to experience a lull in giving during the summer months. Members go on vacation and don’t donate money while they’re away, or they sometimes neglect to give during the summer in order to save for other activities. 

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Posted by: Charles P Myrick CPA Posted on: Feb 12 2019

Is a Cash Reserve a Challenge for Your Church?

For a church, cash flow can make or break its ability to survive. The reliance on member donations increases the need of church leaders to manage finances through revenue peaks and valleys. A cash reserve can be the buffer to carry you through the valleys. Without a cash reserve to draw from, many churches have found themselves scrambling to raise funds when needs come up. 

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