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Posted by: Charles P Myrick CPA Posted on: Aug 27 2019 Posted in: small business, CFO Services

CFO Services: Your Small Business Competitive Edge

I meet with a variety of small business owners and am always impressed by the passion these entrepreneurs have for their businesses. As the tax and finance guy, I know how crucial cash flow is to the success of every enterprise. I also know that cash flow issues are among the leading causes of business failure in the United States. A solid financial management strategy is needed.

Financial Management Strategy

Today's marketplace is continuously changing. To succeed, every small business needs to overcome cash flow problems and sustain a competitive advantage. An essential ingredient in achieving this edge is a well-planned and effective financial management strategy. In larger companies, the position of CFO has evolved into that of a financial strategist who provides advice on a wide range of current and future issues. Often small businesses face a dilemma — they need the help of financial professionals to take their business to the next level, yet they cannot afford nor do they need, a full-time executive.

CFO Services Team

One excellent solution? A CFO Services firm that can take charge of the financial side of your business. This kind of relationship offers many benefits and minimal downside to your small company. A part-time CFO Services team provides a range of managerial tasks - from bookkeeping cleanup to managing payroll to forecasting cash flow – that is structured to save time, provide insight and free you to get back to business. Small businesses learn and benefit by partnering with an experienced finance professional who has real hands-on experience solving problems.

A CFO Services firm will provide expertise in strategic, financial, accounting, and operations management. Your company will benefit from the in-depth experience of the services team without having to incur the unnecessary expenses of a full-time CFO.

And you, the business owner, can now focus on actively growing your company, knowing that your CFO Services team will keep your business on financial track.

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