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Posted by: Charles P Myrick CPA Posted on: Jun 13 2017 Posted in: personal finance

How Smart Investment Strategies Overcome Past Financial Mistakes

 In a perfect world, you would have made some wise investments when you were in your 20s. Then, you could build on those investments and have a vast portfolio well before you hit 50. The world isn't perfect, though, and you made some financial mistakes over the years. No matter how much you move up in the corporate world, you still have difficulty overcoming errors of the past. You might think you're doomed to be punished by the past forever, but that isn't the case. 

Follow some tips so you can overcome the mistakes of the past and get excited about the future.

Change Your Financial Habits

Financial mistakes can turn into habits, and habits can wreck your financial future. If you want to overcome errors of the past, you need to take a close look at them and make changes. This typically comes down to spending. Most financial mistakes start by spending too much, so there isn’t enough left for saving or investing. Track your spending habits to make sure that you save when you can.

Start Small

If your past mistakes were years in the making, you can’t expect to fix them overnight. Instead, you need to set small goals that you can meet to fix your mistakes. For instance, pay $100 extra a month to your credit card bills, or increase the amount that you put into your retirement account. Small goals can provide big rewards in the long run.

Make Smart Investments

Bad investments can also cause some serious mistakes. If your retirement account lost money or you bought bad stock, you are likely still reeling. Some people try to fix the problem immediately by changing investment strategies based on small market fluctuations, but that isn't a good long-term strategy. Instead, you need to conduct research to find the smartest investments for your financial future.

You still have time before retirement, so you don’t need to make all of your money back this year. Instead, go with something that will provide small, steady returns. Financial mistakes are certainly disheartening, but they aren’t the end of the world. It isn’t too late to fix the problem.

Consult a Financial Advisor

Most people benefit from having a financial expert in their corner. Think about how much of your life involves bills, taxes, purchases, contracts, etc. When it comes to financial planning, your tax professional is in a unique position to give you advice and direct you to investment advisors.

It’s never too early or too late to start building wealth. You don’t have to be a financial genius to build an amazing portfolio. Just let a financial advisor get to work for you, and you can sit back and enjoy the spoils of your riches.

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