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Posted by: Charles P Myrick CPA Posted on: Apr 18 2017 Posted in: small business

The Truth About the Limited Liability Company

When you are starting a new business, the structure or business entity that you choose makes a difference. Many new entrepreneurs have to decide between an LLC (limited liability company) and a sole proprietorship. The truth is that there isn’t one single answer to the question of LLC vs. sole proprietor, and you should obtain the help of a qualified business advisor to make this decision. 

LLC vs. Sole Proprietorship

There are many situations where an LLC is a better choice than a sole proprietorship, especially if you are looking for a way to move the liability of the company away from your personal assets.

  • If debts are incurred in the name of the business, you will not be personally liable to pay those debts if your company encounters financial difficulties that are not able to be overcome.
  • An LLC can also be beneficial if you are looking for a way to raise capital in the future, because you will have detailed company financial records that you can show to potential investors.
  • You have the option to transfer business assets as needed, which is important if you are looking to sell the business in the future.
  • The operating agreement of an LLC can be used to decide how the ownership interests will be transferred to a third party.

One of the biggest advantages to an LLC is the fact that you are taxed on a “pass-through basis,” which helps you to avoid the situation of double taxation, where the business pays taxes on its income and the owner is also required to pay taxes for personal earnings received from the business.

Your Business Advisor

While you are considering the llc vs. sole proprietorship decision, it is important that you talk with a small business advisor. The experienced advisor can evaluate your personal situation and make recommendations to match your needs.

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