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Posted by: Myrick CPA Posted on: Jan 04 2024

Demystifying Capital Gains Taxes: What You Should Know

For many individual taxpayers and small business owners working to navigate the ever-shifting financial landscape, the term "capital gains" looms like a shadow.  Fear not, though; unmasking this particular beast is simpler than you might think. Learn how to solve the mysteries of capital gains taxes, explore calculation methods, and uncover strategies to potentially minimize their bite.

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Posted by: Myrick CPA Posted on: Dec 07 2023

Securing Your Future: The Essentials of Retirement Planning

Retirement. It's a word that conjures up images of leisurely days spent with family, freedom to travel, and plenty of free time for creative pursuits. Before you start picturing yourself sipping frozen concoctions on a sun-drenched beach, though, there's one vital step you can't overlook: retirement planning. While it might sound intimidating, it's best to think of long-term planning as building a sturdy bridge, piece by piece, that leads to your retirement. The earlier you begin, the stronger that bridge becomes in securing your future.

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Posted by: Charles P Myrick CPA Posted on: Nov 30 2023

Estate Planning Guidance: Protect Your Legacy and Your Loved Ones

Estate planning is often perceived as a complex, daunting, and even morbid task reserved solely for the wealthy or those nearing the end of their lives. The truth is, however, that estate planning is a crucial aspect of financial wellness regardless of your age, income level, or family structure. Estate planning is about protecting your loved ones, preserving your legacy, and ensuring your wishes are respected should an unexpected tragedy strike.

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