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Financial Record Keeping is Vital for Business, Especially at Tax Time

Keeping accurate records for tax purposes and daily operations is critical when you own a business. Clear, organized records allow business owners to know where they stand financially at any given time during the year. You know that the  IRS requires specific documents in order to evaluate the amount of taxes owed, so prior to reviewing your finances with your CPA, make sure your records are in good order when you submit them.  Here’s why financial record keeping is vital for business, especially at tax time.

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Best Practices for Small Business Owners in Preparation for Tax Season

Just as sure as the daylight hours grow longer in the spring, tax time is one thing you know always rolls around each year like clockwork. For many, this annual assessment is preceded by headaches and stress, but we’re here to tell you that if you approach it strategically, tax documentation can be fairly painless. Here are some best practices for Small Business Owners in preparation for tax season.

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Posted by: Charles P Myrick CPA Posted on: Jan 05 2023

The Gig Economy: Is It Time to Become an Independent Contractor?

The worldwide pandemic and broadening technology have prompted huge changes in the workplace in recent years. Wide-ranging layoffs, dynamic spending habits, and record-high inflation have compelled many people to take on side jobs or part-time piece work to make ends meet. Many of these adjustments, while often unexpected, have not been unwelcome. Many new “Gig workers” have increased their income with their side hustles and are enjoying the newfound freedom in their schedules. If you’re considering taking on a side job or turning a hobby into a business in the coming year, you’ll want to consider the big picture regarding the Gig Economy.  Is it a good time to become an Independent Contractor? 

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