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How to Build and Secure Generational Wealth: Planning a Family Legacy

Establishing a family legacy based on your life's work can allow your heirs to enjoy a financially secure lifestyle, which is undeniably a valuable safety net in a competitive world. Generational wealth can open doors to a top-notch education and lucrative financial opportunities for your children, which in turn can help them build their earning potential while creating a solid foundation for their own kids. Here's how you can ensure your hard-earned wealth continues to benefit your family for generations to come.

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Aging Securely: How to Protect Your Financial Health

Advances in health care mean that Americans are living longer, and they're learning more about how to manage their health proactively. As a result, the financial landscape is rapidly evolving for seniors in the US. Most of the current crop of 60-somethings are forecasted to live to the age of at least 80; with a longer life comes the need for careful financial planning to ensure a comfortable, secure future. You'll need more than just your social security payments and withdrawals from retirement accounts to cover the rising costs of healthcare and assisted living. Here's how you can age securely and confidently, managing your financial health as carefully as you do your physical health.

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Posted by: Myrick CPA Posted on: May 09 2024

Guiding Your Adult Children Towards Achieving Financial Independence

For parents of adult children, it's not just a fact but a significant responsibility that today's young adults are facing many financial barriers. As a parent, you aren't just a provider of emotional support but a crucial advisor on their journey to financial independence. Your guidance can help your adult children start their financial journey on the right foot, leading them towards the financial health that will enable them to move out on their own.

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